In the name of research, I have gone down more rabbit holes on social media than I would ever admit to my boss, wasting countless hours looking at photos and watching videos when I should have been writing, talking to golf industry insiders or planning future projects. Instead, I tap the Instagram app on my phone, admire close-up images of a milled putter, scroll down a frame and inspect the handiwork of a wedge maker and check out a few Reels of Rory McIlroy swings and boom …. 20 minutes have vanished.
Every equipment company has invested in a social media department and turns out cool content that can teach you about their latest clubs, balls and accessories, but there is room for everyone and everything online. Equipment junkies can now get more behind-the-scenes access and insider information than ever before, if you know where to find it on social media.
If you need a break from work or holiday shopping, check out some of my favorite golf equipment accounts on Instagram (and be sure to follow me at @daviddusek for the latest drops and releases).

A post shared by Chris Trott (@trottiegolf)

Account: trottiegolf
This San Diego-based Brit is the director of global tours for TaylorMade and his account blends instruction tips, training aid demos and amazing access to the equipment of stars like Rory McIlroy and Collin Morikawa.

A post shared by Johnny Wunder (@johnny_wunder)

Account: Johnny_Wunder
Traveling with Callaway’s PGA Tour van, Wunder shoots photos and quick videos with staffers like Jon Rahm and Sam Burns, while also describing the differences between Callaway’s clubs and highlighting his own golf journey.

A post shared by Clay Long (@claylongdesign)

Account: claylongdesign
Clay Long made clubs for Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and has worked with several manufacturers over the years as a consultant. If you want to see how putters and wedges are transformed from blocks of steel into works of art, you’ll love his milling videos.

A post shared by Lead Tape Chronicles (@leadtapechronicles)

Account: leadtapechonicles
For decades, club builders and fitters have strategically added lead tape to clubs to adjust ball flight, enhance feel and boost performance, but this account takes the appreciation of lead tape to a whole new level that borders on a fetish.

A post shared by Aaron Dill (@vokeywedgerep)

Account: vokeywedgerep
As the lead PGA Tour rep for Titleist Vokey Design wedges, Aaron Dill is one of the busiest people every week, but he still finds time to artistically add colorful stamps and personal touches to scores of players’ clubs.

A post shared by MacKenzie (@mackenziegolfbags)

Account: mackenziegolfbags
For some golfers, a golf bag is just something you use to hold your clubs and toss on the back of a cart, but after checking out this account, you’ll discover that golf bag envy is a thing and start to appreciate how something that looks so simple can be so laborious to make.

A post shared by Sporting Insights (@sms_on_tour)

Account: sms_on_tour
If you want to stay up on what European, Australian, South African and other non-American pros are carrying in their bag at DP World Tour events, this account is the place.

A post shared by Anthony Taranto (@anthony.taranto)

Account: anthony.taranto
Taranto’s official title at Callaway Golf is pro tour club artist, and after you see some of the creations he makes for staffers, celebrities and VIPs, you’ll consider him the Lautrec of lob wedges.

A post shared by [ JP ] (@jp.ongpin)

Account: jp.ongpin
He may be a graphic designer, artist and illustrator, but as a member of TaylorMade’s multimedia and content creation team, Ongpin captures stunning images and videos that bring equipment to life and golfers like Tiger Woods and Scottie Scheffler into a new light. Lots of sneakers, hockey and fitness content here, too.
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