Success means bringing the right equipment for the job.
In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, the best aimers and the smartest objective players usually come out on top. But as your SBMM rating continues to adjust and you get placed in lobbies against players of similar skill, you’ll need every advantage to come out ahead.
This is where your equipment comes in. In your loadout, your equipment is made up of a piece of lethal equipment and a piece of tactical equipment. Lethal equipment is meant to damage or even kill your enemies, while tactical equipment can provide all sorts of benefits, from disrupting opponents to providing cover to healing and more.
Of course, what constitutes the “best” pieces of equipment can be very situational. But as a general rule of thumb, here are some of the best pieces of equipment that should service any loadout in MW2.
There’s nothing wrong with the default option when it comes to lethal equipment. The frag grenade is a classic piece of equipment, great for clearing out hiding spots and dug-in enemies. Being able to cook the grenade is an added bonus, giving the enemy less time to react the longer you cook it.
When you’re dug in defending a site or location, there’s no better insurance than a proximity mine or claymore. A proximity mine will deal damage in a circle around it while claymores blast in the direction they’re facing, and both are exceptionally lethal to anyone caught in the direct blast.
The newest addition to the lethal equipment library for Call of Duty is the drill charge. No surface is safe from the drill charge, which burrows through walls, floors, and ceilings to explode on the other side. It’s very effective at clearing out dug-in opposition.
This is the go-to piece of tactical equipment for any player in any situation. The flash grenade is a powerful tool against any opponent, blinding them for a pretty hefty duration. And unlike flashbangs in games like CS:GO and VALORANT that can be lessened by looking away, the one in MW2 is pretty close to unavoidable.
For the player who’s too impatient to wait for healing, the stim is a perfect choice. Not only does it heal you up, but it also replenishes your Tactical Sprint ability. Combine this equipment with a field upgrade like Battle Rage and you may never die.
Looking for information instead of disorientation? The snapshot grenade scans all the enemies in its radius, revealing their outlines to the enemy team. An outlined enemy player is susceptible to wall bangs and lethal equipment usage.
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